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They are pulse-pounding, usually have top-notch special effects, great fight scenes, and happy endings. That's the classic makeup of an action adventure movie. What they might lack in plot, they certainly make up for in other areas — notably, fun. And it goes without saying that there's been some really fun action adventure movies over the years.

On that note, we'd like to present the all-time best action adventure movies, from new to old and everything in between.

All-Time Best Action Adventure Movies
● Star Wars: When Episode IV: A New Hope was released in 1977, it redefined the action adventure genre to a certain extent. Now with six movies in the series — and more on the way — Star Wars is an all-time classic. While all are worth your time — yes, even the less impressive, more recent Episodes I, II and III — the best in the series is 1980's The Empire Strikes Back.
● Jurassic Park: The Jurassic Park series is now four movies deep, but the original 1993 movie that started it all remains in movie lore as one of the best action adventures ever.
● Looper: Somewhat of a hidden gem, this 2012 movie involves time travel, an intricate, original plot, and some terrific acting between Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis.
● King Kong: No, we're not talking about the 2005 Peter Jackson remake, we're talking about the original 1933 classic about a giant gorilla run amuck.
● The Fugitive: Tommy Lee Jones won a best supporting actor Oscar for his role as an FBI agent trying to track down escaped convict Richard Kimble (Harrison Ford), who was wrongfully accused of murdering his wife.
● The Terminator: While there are five movies and a TV show in The Terminator franchise these days, it doesn't get much better than the original film from 1984 (although T2: Judgment Day is very good as well). The movie didn't just offer a very cool, futuristic premise, but it cemented Arnold Schwarzenegger as a modern day action great.
● Back to the Future: The Back to the Future trilogy falls along the lines of some of the more family-friendly action adventure films, containing likeable characters, relatable bad guys, and a whole lot of fun along the way.
● Ghostbusters: Comedy, action, and adventure are all a part of this 1984 blockbuster that gave way to an ill-received sequel, children's cartoon, and endless amounts of merchandise. An all-female Ghostbusters movie is also on the way.
● Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Indiana Jones movies are synonymous with the action adventure genre. Rooted around historical events, Indy's adventures are always fun, whether it's your first time watching them or you're re-watching the movies for the hundredth time.

Certainly, there are many more greats when it comes to movies of the action adventure genre - far too many to list here. And if you're settling in for an action movie marathon, why not up the ante on your viewing experience with an outdoor inflatable movie screen? It's a great way to add new flavor to old favorites. For more information about outdoor cinema screens, contact us today.

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