Large Outdoor Daylight TVs

Finally TVs Truly Built For Outdoor Entertainment! 

Seven sizes to choose from ranging from 115 inches to 317 inches.

Introducing the YOLO TV, your gateway to creating unforgettable memories and taking outdoor entertainment to the next level! If you're someone who loves hosting gatherings, making lasting memories, and enjoying outdoor movie nights, then the YOLO TV is your ultimate companion.

These TVs were built to be big on purpose. Outdoor spaces are big. Pools are big. Backyards are big. So your outdoor TV should be big. Our largest TV is 317 in.

These TVs are the brightest TVs on the planet. Our TVs are 5x brighter than any other TV on the market today. At over 5000 nits bright, our TVs are easily viewable in the direct sunlight.

Built to last. If you turned on your TV and let it run continuously for 100,000 hours (11 years and 4 months) – it would still be twice as bright as any TV on the market today!
  • Largest Outdoor TVs on the planet. Built for Easy Viewing Anywhere. 
  • Daylight bright for easy viewing on the brightest days.
  • Engineered with IP65 weather protection, designed to be used year round, including hot, cold, rain, salt air conditions and snow.
  • Backed by a 5 year warranty for parts and labor.

158' inch TV

138' inch TV

246' inch TV

115' inch TV

202' inch TV

273' inch TV