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Elite Outdoor Movies Introduces YOLO TV: The Ultimate Outdoor Television Experience

[Lehi, Utah August 09, 2023] – Elite Outdoor Movies, a leading name in outdoor entertainment solutions, is thrilled to unveil its latest addition to the product lineup – YOLO TV. 

For years Elite Outdoor Movies has provided the latest movie viewing technology mainly inflatable movie screens and state-of-the art sound systems coupled with projectors but now they are able to bring customers a permanent solution that is fully outdoor ready, it’s bigger, brighter and frankly, better. “This is the next step many of our customers are looking for to enhance their backyards and have a year long, all weather capabilities with the ability to watch the tv in direct sunlight and have a swim up movie without needing to wait for the sun to go down” says Keith Slentz,President and Co-Founder of Elite Outdoor Movies.  

Biggest: Outdoor TVs start at 115 inches and go up to 317 inches.

Brightest: Daylight bright, FIVE times brighter than any other TV available. imagine watching golf, a movie or photo slideshow with the sun shining right on the TV screen and still be able to see the screen crystal clear.

Best: YOLO TV offers an industry-leading Five-Year Peace of Mind Warranty 

YOLO TV sets a new standard for outdoor televisions, boasting remarkable daylight brightness and unparalleled weather resistance. Unlike traditional outdoor TVs, YOLO TV is engineered to conquer the elements, from snow and sleet to rain, extreme heat, and cold. Owners can now enjoy their favorite movies, sports events, and shows outdoors without the worry of weather interference.

Slentz expressed his enthusiasm for this new partnership: "We are excited to offer a new product line to Elite Outdoor Movies' already expansive array of products. We are totally blown away by the technology of YOLO and cannot wait to get it in the hands of our customer base!"

When asked about the decision to partner with YOLO TV, Slentz explained, "As technology changes, so does our company. We pride ourselves in adapting to market needs." This commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation has led Elite Outdoor Movies to introduce YOLO TV as a way to provide customers with the latest and greatest outdoor entertainment experiences.

Slentz further emphasized the excitement surrounding YOLO TV's addition to the product lineup: "Outdoor inflatable movie screens are something we will always offer. However, technology is improving, and adding this product line will greatly enhance our ability to meet the needs of a much larger customer base that has been asking for something they can use at any time of day or night."

Elite Outdoor Movies' partnership with YOLO TV reinforces their dedication to customer satisfaction and cutting-edge solutions. With YOLO TV, outdoor entertainment knows no bounds. “We are thrilled to have Elite Outdoor Movies as a partner. This is a great opportunity to expand the product offering and capabilities to their customer base and to integrate our product into backyard plans to add to an outdoor oasis” says Brian Bachman, Managing Partner at YOLO TV. 

For more information about Elite Outdoor Movies and YOLO TV, please visit or contact Keith Slentz 801-341-8213, keith@eliteoutdoormovies.

About Elite Outdoor Movies:

Elite Outdoor Movies is a premier provider of outdoor entertainment solutions, offering a diverse range of products designed to transform any outdoor space into a captivating entertainment hub. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Elite Outdoor Movies continues to redefine the outdoor entertainment experience.

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