5 Things That Will Guarantee a Successful Work Party

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Office parties are a bit of an enigma - either you love going to them or you loathe having to go to them. Unfortunately, for many office workers across the country, the latter is more true than the former. For many, the last thing they want to do is be forced to mingle with their co-workers outside of normal business hours when they could be home with their families. It begs the question - just what do you have to do to throw a great office party, a party that people will look forward to attending and talk about in the days and weeks that follow? We've put together a list of 6 things that will all but guarantee your next work party to be a smash hit:

5 Things to Guarantee a Successful Work Party

  1. Entertainment: Most good parties have one thing in common - a high level of entertainment. There are many ways to provide great entertainment for guests, such as hiring a cover band to perform, a disc jockey to spin beats or even renting or purchasing an inflatable movie screen to show a film, video or slideshow on. (It's worth noting that you can always do more than one of these.) Along the lines of the inflatable screen, this is a unique, innovative idea that is likely to get a guests attention.
  2. Low Key: One way to turn an office party from good to bad - or from bad to worse - is by forcing guests to participate in something that they don't want to do, like organized games or activities. So forget about this idea. That's not to say you can't have some games out (cards, foosball, common board games, darts), but let guests play them as they choose, don't make any sort of office tournament. Guests like a low key office party.
  3. Make it Family Friendly: Invite co-workers to bring their families to the party and have activities to keep the kids entertained while the adults mingle. Making office parties family affairs can score huge points with guests.
  4. Simple Finger Foods: Unless the party is going to be at a sit down restaurant or banquet hall, keep the food simple and not messy - foods people can snack on while they're mingling and won't have to sit down and throw a napkin on their lap to eat. Also, be sure to be mindful of any dietary restrictions.
  5. Make it a Theme: Hawaiian. Mexican fiesta. Costume party. Casino night. 80s. Get the picture? Create a theme for your party to give it that extra kick - and then decorate the venue that it is being hosted at accordingly. This can add a lot of fun to the evening. Generally speaking, the more creative you get, the better the result.

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