A Quick-Start Guide to Open Air Movies Pro Systems

By January 18, 2016Uncategorized

three friends in exterior cinemaThe increasingly trendy outdoor movie screen allows film lovers to enjoy their favorite flicks while also basking in the great outdoors. Popular at summer camps, resorts, and corporate events, open air movies add a new element of versatility to outdoor recreation.

Many venues have elected to move beyond standard outdoor movie screens and adopt professional systems, which use state-of-the-art audiovisual elements to take the concept of the outdoor theater to the next level. This advanced outdoor movie approach utilizes “plug and play” operation, which allows employees to avoid the setup hassles that accompany many open air movie systems.

Whether you are currently considering the idea of investing in the pro system version of the outdoor movie screen or already have a cutting-edge open air system, you’ll definitely want to follow these essential steps as you gear up for your next big movie night:

  1. Screen

It is surprisingly easy to prepare professional system screens for open air movies. Simply unroll the screen and attach the blower. After power has been applied to the blower, the screen will inflate. Although it is listed first, this step does not necessarily need to precede the rest of the open air movie setup process. Many venues choose to tackle screen setup first, but others prefer to leave it for the very end, instead inflating it in front of viewers for dramatic effect.

  1. Speakers

The speaker system is a cinch to set up, although it may be necessary to double-check that everything is plugged in correctly. Use the stands to prop up the speakers at each end of the movie screen, and then plug the speakers into nearby power outlets. The female ends of the speaker cables should be plugged into the speakers, while the male ends belong with the electronics console. The audio system should be tested prior to each movie screening, as this will ensure that the sound is audible, but not so loud that it will startle the audience.

  1. Console

The console that contains the Blu-Ray player, audio board, and other essentials should be treated with great care. It can be placed on the ground, on a table, or wherever it is protected but easily accessible. From there, plug in the main power cord, which is used to power all system components. If the speaker cables have not already been plugged into the audio board, now is the time to complete this important step.

Resorts and venues are always on the hunt for activities that require minimal preparation. Outdoor movies fit this requirement to a “T”, as they take mere minutes to set up and are equally easy to dismantle. If you are on the hunt for a simple way to keep guests entertained, pro system outdoor movie screens may be your dream solution.

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