Have You Outgrown Your Movie Screen?

By January 25, 2016Uncategorized

Amazed couple watching tv program sitting on a couch at home

Whether it’s in a basement “man cave,” a converted garage or whether you purchased an inflatable screen for those nice summer evenings in your own backyard, TV screens have a shelf life. But it’s likely that before you hit this shelf life, you’re probably going to first “outgrow” your existing movie screen, possibly prompting a new purchase. But just how do you know when you’ve “outgrown” your movie screen? Here’s a look at some common situations – as well as some recommendations in terms of what your next screen should be.

Your Screen is Small

Arguably the most popular reason to upgrade to a new movie screen is when you realize that your existing one is just too small for your viewing pleasure, regardless of where it is located in your home. The bottom line is that we all have a desire to be entertained – and when it comes to viewing screens, we all have a desire for those that are bigger and better. There comes a time when a small sized screen just won’t do the trick, both when it comes to watching movies and taking in a sporting event.

You’ve Moved/Renovated

Renovations and relocations are another reason why homeowners might opt to purchase another home movie screen. The basis behind this is simple – they’ll either be converting a new room to their home theater or they’ll be coming into a lot more space than what they once had. Moves or renovations are ideal times to “start fresh,” and part of this may include investing in a better movie screen for your home.

Your Screen is Outdated

As newer, better and more advanced products come to market, the models of yesterday become outdated. This is true with just about any type of product, let alone movie screens. Just as you upgrade your phone every few years to a newer, faster model or upgrade your car every so often with the latest and greatest, your movie screen may also need a similar upgrade if you purchased it a while ago.

Your New Movie Screen

So you’ve made the decision – for whatever the reason – to purchase a new movie screen to replace the one that you’ve recently outgrown. This begs the question – just what type of screen do you go for? Your options are plentiful, and you’ll have no shortage of new screens to choose from. But one unique type of movie screen isn’t so much for your home as it is for your yard – an inflatable movie screen. These screens provide an ideal way to enjoy a movie with the family on a nice summer evening. And that’s why they’ve become a favorite among many homeowners.

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