Feeding the Masses: Family Reunion Refreshment Planning

By February 1, 2016blog

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So you’ve been tasked with planning the next family reunion, eh? We hardly think that your other family members are envious of you. But someone has to do it and that someone just so happens to be you – so you might as well do it right. And while you’ll surely be busy over the coming weeks and months putting together a guest list, determining a location and figuring out what you’re going to feed attendees, one all-important thing that cannot go ignored is what you’ll be serving for drinks.

So just what do you need to serve refreshments at a family reunion? Here’s a look at a few ideas:

Refreshment Ideas for Your Family Reunion

  • The basics: Minimally, you’ll need to have the basics on hand. This consists of bottled water and soda. When it comes to serving soda, however, we’d certainly advise being sure to include several options (i.e. regular, diet, caffeine free.).
  • Theme: One other idea as it pertains to refreshment ideas for your family reunion is to come up with a theme for the overall party and serve drinks related to that theme. For instance, if the theme is “80s,” you can serve punch. You get the idea – you can really have some fun with this to make it a more memorable event for everyone.
  • Cup tips: If you’re serving your drinks out of 2-liters or punch bowls, be sure that you have enough plastic cups on hand and that you have guests put their names on them so that they can reuse them for the whole party. If drinks are in cans or bottles, keep enough coolers (and have enough ice) on hand so that they’re cold for the whole party. Also be sure to have enough recycling bins set up so that they can be properly disposed of after consumption.
  • Name tags: Nothing is more embarrassing at a family reunion – especially one where extended family is present – than not knowing the names of your relatives. Our plastic cup tip above, where guests write their names on them and reuse them throughout the whole party, can be a lifesaver in this regard. But what do you do if not everyone is drinking from a plastic cup? That’s where name tags come in handy – they can be huge in terms of avoiding potential embarrassment when you don’t recognize old cousin Bill.
  • Fun and games: Now that you’ve got the drinks portion of your family reunion figured out, you can move on to more important things, like planning the entertainment. Along the lines of the latter, inflatable movie screens can be a great way to keep the kids and other guests occupied by showing movies and home videos during the event – right from the backyard or venue where the reunion is being hosted. Also consider setting up a volleyball net, putting a soccer ball out to be kicked around and even setting up a lawn dart course to keep guests busy.

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