Batman vs. Superman: The Only Argument You’ve Cared About Since First Grade

By March 14, 2016blog


This March 25, comic book and superhero fans will likely pack theaters for one of the most anticipated – if not controversial (Ben Affleck as Batman? Really?) – movies of 2016, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. And while the caped crusader and man of steel will almost surely put their differences aside and team up at the end of the movie (it is a precursor to¬†future Justice League movies, after all), you can get that Batman and Superman are going to have some epic battles against one another. We should be in for a treat in that aspect, as if there’s one area of filmmaking that director Zack Snyder truly excels at, it’s action scenes.

But before Batman and Superman inevitably team up, it begs the question – who wins in a fight, the dark night or the man of steel? We examine below:

Why Batman Will Win

  • He’s rich: Batman’s alter ego, Bruce Wayne, is unquestionably wealthy. And while money can’t buy everything, it can buy some kick-butt gadgets and precious rare extraterrestrial metals (cough, kryptonite, cough) to take down even the most daunting foes.
  • Comic proven: In the comic books, Batman defeats Superman in some of the storylines. If the movie stays true to the comic, a Batman victory is certainly plausible.
  • He’s the underdog: Let’s face it, Batman is a human with terrific fighting skills and great gadgets. Superman actually has super powers. In a fight, Superman is the clear favorite, but never underestimate that underdog mentality.
  • Turning society against him: Superman is an alien. He’s also a bit of a controversial figure, as while he’s out to do good, Metropolis residents are still a little miffed about how his battle with Zod from Man of Steel destroyed half the city. Batman can use both to turn everyone against Superman, putting more¬†allies in his corner.

Why Superman Will Win

  • He’s clearly favored: As we noted in the above section, Superman has super strength, X-ray vision, and the ability to fly. He has super powers. Batman doesn’t. Clearly the favorite in a fight is Superman.
  • He’s the man of steel. Enough said.
  • Batman won’t kill: If there’s one thing about Batman, it’s that he’s still steered by a moral compass – and that includes not killing his foes, which we imagine would include Superman. Superman killed Zod in Man of Steel, but is anti-killing too. In this case, the advantage goes to Superman for his fast healing capability.

No matter who you’re rooting for, or who you think will win, it’s certain to be a lot of fun watching this battle unfold on the silver screen in a few weeks. And to help make your argument in the Batman vs. Superman debate, why not catch up on all of the heroes’ past movies? To do it in a unique way that puts a fun spin on some old favorites, consider watching them on an inflatable movie screen, which you can place anywhere there’s a space that’s big enough. See you on March 25!

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