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Elite Outdoor Movies is the last outdoor screen company you will ever need for your outdoor movie needs. We are the most innovative screen company ever assembled. Whether it be our zippers, thread, frame or surfaces we use nothing but the highest quality standard fabric and design. With over 25 years combined experience we know what it takes to make the highest quality screens in the industry, assuring you get the best product at the best price.

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Elite Outdoor Screens and systems come in three lines the Home, Professional and Platinum. With bigger than industry standard sizes you can make a big impression. All our screens come with removable projection surfaces and can be machine washed. The projection surface to ground clearance is also higher allowing you to see over that tall guy on the front row.

As screen companies in the past have become complacent in their product, Elite Outdoor Movies continue to stay ahead of the curve in outdoor screen and system design. Our audio visual packages are more compact and still provide the best quality sound and picture.

At Elite Outdoor Movies we make all of our screens in the USA and can make any screen size that fits your custom needs. We are able to repair or resurface competitor screens as well. Please contact us for quotes on these customized items.

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